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Excellent lead work in Stirlingshire

Do you need pebbledashing or rendering work for your home? Contact Mylchreest & Nairns Ltd now.

Roughcasting for your property

Do you want to add roughcasting to your walls? At Mylchreest & Nairns Ltd, we offer roughcasting that can make your property stand out.

If your existing roughcasting is chipped, we can repair or upgrade it. We use modern replacement materials that will prevent deterioration and discolouration of your walls' surfaces for many years. We'll prepare the render depending on your exact requirements.
Roof valley

What can we offer you?

Leadwork specialists

Complete lead work 

Lead work can bolster the durability of your roof. Whether you need lead work for new builds or one-off repairs, you can count on our lead work specialists. Though lead work can appear a bit more expensive, it can prove to be good value for money in terms of longevity and ecology. We also offer roofing repairs.
If you need lead bossing or welding for your roof,
call Mylchreest & Nairns Ltd in Stirling on
01786 478 818
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